I really Dislike Snow

So in Northern New Hampshire this fine day we are in the mist of getting crazy amounts of snow. This morning I could see grass, know there is snow up to my knees. This morning I was okay with the snow, I did not even let it bother me until about five in the afternoon. All hell broke loose, but I am getting ahead of myself.

So as I said, there was grass this morning. It is also Winter Carnival at the school I work at this week, and to day was Jock Vs. Nerd day. So I got dressed up in my favorite workout clothes, braided my hair, and swiped on some black makeup to stop the glare. To be honest I was the Nerdiest Jock you have ever seen with my big black rimmed glasses, my “Train like a Beast, Look like a Beauty” workout top, and even the pigtail braids did not help my cause. But still I was in good spirits. I was already half ready for an actual work out!

My school had already decieded to have have early release due to the oncoming storm. So when noon hit, and the students and teacher left, I went into the weight-room. I got in 26 minutes on the tredmill and then did some leg work. I felt so pumped! I did not let the weather give me the excuse to do anything!

  • Than it went down hill, personally for me. I had to run to Walmart on the way home to pick up some things. While I was there I grabbed a pre-made salad along with a side of General Tso Chicken. I LOVE chinese food, and I let my gaurd down and allowed my self to get it. And like usual I felt like I was sneaI king something. I am a grown adult I have no one to hide anything from so why do I feel so guilty about these things!

Becaus the only one I am harming is myself that is why…

Well it kind of went down hill from that point on. My music director decided to not cancel practice. So out I went again, the storm getting worse and worse. I was at rehersal for two hours. I made sure to park in a spot that was just plowed. But by the time I got out, I was completely buried. I had no shovel, and there looked to be no hope. But then I have two passing gentelmen help to dig me out! I really could not believe it! I was about to call for help from family and they just appeared! My own little Gaurdian Angels. I got home safely, and I hope something fantastic happens to them to repay them for their good deeds.

When I did get home my Sister’s boyfriend got stuck and could not make it home, so he is staying the night. And still the snow kept falling… They had made little pizza rolls, and I ended up eating a handful of those. So I really did not have a good day food wise. A little while later I did eat the salad as well as a Hot Caoco.

As the evening passed we realized that we should probably go out and do some shoveling, as our landlord had not made it to the house yet. So the three of us spent a good hour out in the knee high, wet, cold, windy night to shovel maybe half the drive way. Then we had no where to put it, and the street had not been plowed either, so we knew it was only a matter of time before that happened and we wouls be stuck all over again.

So as a quick recap of the day:

  • I did a great job being active,
    • 45 mins at the Gym
    • 15 mins digging out my car
    • 60 mins shoveling drive way
  • I did not a good job eating
    • Walmart Generals Tso
    • Pizza Rolls
    • Hot Caoco
  • Goals for tomorrow
    • Still go to the Gym
    • Eat better (track food)
    • Maybe get some cleaning in

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