Deserts, Chocolate, Sweets, Sugar

Sugar Addiction!


I Love Sweets. Especially chocolate. I mean who doesn’t. It is not until recently that I have noticed what a problem this has been.

So what really caught my attention was that Lent started at the beginning of March. Now if you know anything about the Catholic religion and Lent, during the 40 days leading up to Easter, we fast or give up something that we enjoy that we could go without. When we were little it was always sweets, but as we got older we started to give up more “important” things like television for hours a day, or a certain type of music. So sweets just became another thing that was no big deal. This year as I decided what I would give up for Lent, I had a fairly good idea of what I was going to do. And chocolate and sweets were not it. But I did think about it. I told myself that I do not eat enough sweets to need to give it up.

Was I ever wrong!

Because it was on my mind I started paying more attention to how often I had sweets. And I was surprised at how much I ate/craved them! Now I feel like I always want to have something sweet to eat after my meals. It does not help that I work at an ice cream parlor at least four days a week. While I work I sample ice cream a few times a shift. And last night I ended up leaving with a Brownie A la Mode. I even convinced myself that it was okay by looking up the calorie count of each , the brownie and the ice cream, compared to Chocolate Cream Pie with Cream on top. (The other desert I was looking at getting)

I made myself feel okay about eating it, but when I was finished it I felt guilty. It tasted delicious but not delicious enough to out weigh the guilt I felt about eating it. So I am about to admit to being a sugar addict. With saying that I do not know if I am willing to cut sugar out of my life. Do I enjoy it, yes. Do I need it, not really. Do I think I have the personal power to stop eating so much sugar, I do think I do. But I will try. As of today I am going to try to eat more fruits when I crave sugary snacks.

I know this will be really hard. As I am writing this I was a chocolate bar or something. I have already had an apple today, but still I want more!! I need to start packing more fruits for when I am at work. I am going to need to add it to the grocery list this week. So this is the first step to realizing what I need to change in my life. The next is to find possitive altrnative for these bad habits.

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