Keeping Track

After yesterdays rant, I was feeling much better about my goals. I ate pretty good yesterday. Stayed under my calorie count and got all my water in and wasn’t hungry at all. Today I have most of the food I am going to eat planned out… Not all of it is the best, but I still have over 200 calories left to eat! I have been told that I should eat all of my calories everyday. Most of the time I am either under my calorie count or over.

I use to count my calories. It gives me between 1,820-2,170 calories per day. I try to input everything I eat everyday, but the weekends are always hard to remember. During the week I am on my computer most of the time looking at e-mails and looking up information for my students, but on the weekends I am rarely if ever on my computer. And even though I have an App for Sparkpeople I still do not remember to do so. I really do like this program. Mostly because it is free. I have problem about paying for something that at some point I know I am not going to use. I have waisted so much money on programs that I stuck with for a month, but then fell off the band wagon. Then continued to pay for it even though I was not using it.

I also like Sparkpeople because it has so many articles to read, from excercise tips, to food ideas, and motivation. You can find recipes and workout challenges. You can customize what you want to focus on. You can even have it set to help those underweight to gain weight.  Which is pretty cool. I have mine to track how much water I drink, calorie intake, and weight goals. One thing I do not really like about it, that I find to be counter productive, is that when you excercise and input your workout into the program, it adds the calories you burned during the workout to your daily intake. So you can eat more calories. I  am not a doctor or a profession weight loss expert by any means, but this seems counter productive. Like saying ” I’ll eat this cheesecake with chocolate sauce and just go for a run later to even it all out”. That to me is not loosing weight, but maintaining. So I stopped putting in my workouts, and stick to the average calories per day.

That being said I have only been able to maintain my current weight (267.2 lbs as of this morning) for about a year. That is with me trying to work out as much as I can, and eat well. I do not know what to try next, but I need to come up with something. Maybe I should start getting up earlier to get a mini-workout in before work in the morning. We will see how that goes. I love my sleep, and getting up in the morning is not an easy thing for me to do…


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