I Conquered the Weekend

So weekends have  been an area of failure for me for a long time. I do not have the structure that I have during the week, which lends to me giving into temptations. But this weekend I think I did great!

First it was the first weekend in forever that I did not have to work my other job, and not because I had to ask for it off to do something. I was able to go see some of my student’s in a Caberet performance and spent time with my family, we ended up going to a trivia night to support a local Destination Imagination group from the school I work at.

Then I did really great at no over eating, or eating over my calorie count! Even though at Caberet they served Lasagna , I had eating so well the rest of the day that it did not put me over. Then the Trivia Night was held at a local restaurant and I only gave into a little temptation, and got some cheesy spicy fries for an appetizer but then got a huge salad instead of the fried buffalo chicken meal that I would have gotten other wise. So for me this was a huge win. And the salad was delicious! We even came in third for the Trivia Night! (Sort of, we left before the final round. We did not realize that there was an elimination round :/ )

I also went on a walk on both Saturday and Sunday. The weather was Gorgeous! It was till a little chilly/windy on Saturday so it was not the most enjoyable. But Sunday was absolutely perfect! I walked to my parents house and back, and it took about an hour and a half. I also played outside with my nephews for a good hour as well. I even got some color on my chest.

Today I have so much energy and am so pumped! I do not know if it was from the weekends exercise, the fresh air, or the Vitamin D from the sun. But my outlook for this week is so positive and excited! I hope that this feeling can continue for the rest of the week!


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