Trying to Stay positive

So I got some sort of bad news yesterday. Well not bad, but disappointing. I had applied for a new job, one that would be perfect for me. Well I have been waiting to hear back from them for two weeks, and I had not heard anything. So I called yesterday to check on the progress and if they needed anything else from me. I was then told that they had decided to not fill the position and that they may not even fill it next year due to budget cuts. Needless to say I was then put into quite a funk, that I still am not out of. I tried not to put all my hopes on getting the job, but I guess I did. Now all I want to do is sit at home with a tub of ice cream and binge watch everything on Netflix.

I never thought I turned to food when I was down, but I am learning fast that I do. After I got the news yesterday I did allow myself to order a side of double breaded onion rings “to make myself feel better”. It tasted delicious and I did share them with my co-workers, so I did not eat the whole order by myself. It did not make me feel better. So now I have to find another thing to look forward to. I have a big trip coming next year, but that is over a year away and is not close enough to make me focus on it. So now what?

I am thinking about finally finish getting my Teaching Degree. I am so close and just have to pass a few more tests to get it. But the last four times I have gone I have not passed them, so even there I am discouraged and have lost the will to try.  But I am trying to get up the will to do so.

So remaining positive in the rest of my life, while trying to remain positive about being healthy, is going to be hard this week.


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