Holiday weekend

So I am nervous about this weekend. Weekends are usually hard for me to stay on track, but adding a Holiday to it does not make it any easier. Also I am traveling to Connecticut for my cousins daughters baptism. So I am going to be surrounded by food that will not be good for me, and not have access or time to go to the gym or for a walk/jog.

So here is the plan. Eat a little of everything or small amounts of what I like. Try to be as active as possible. (this will be hard due to the six hour drive One Way!) But still try to have a good time and make memories with my family.

I am really excited to go visit them as I do not get there often. But I find it always hard to make positive choices around them. I am more comfortable around them and am more willing to eat bad, and just laze around.

But I can Do This! I will beat the weekend! I will enjoy myself and make good choices! Here’s to the weekend! Happy Easter!


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