Hope Easter was fantastic for you! I had a great one! Although exhausting. Driving 10 hours in two days is extremely tiring. But it was great spending time with my family. And I actually did pretty well with my eating! Now I know I totally went over my calorie count, but I was not feeling well most of the weekend, so I had no appetite. So while I ate high calorie foods, I did not eat much of it. I did not do any exercising though and I am starting to feel it in my body. I did eat. When we got home yesterday morning, (We left Connecticut at 4:30 AM!), I was feeling much better, so by the time we ate our Easter dinner I totally over ate. It was so good though, and we had a ton of vegetables! So that was sort of good. The only thing I wish I did more of was drink water. I got nowhere near the amount I usually drink during the week. So that is something I am going to need to get on.

So I decided to try to start working out in the morning before I really start my day. So that means 5am. I am going to start tomorrow morning by going for a walk…maybe. It all depends on weather, temperature, how light it is, and if I hear my alarm and get up. The last one is going to be the hardest. But I am really going to try. I may not give it my all, but I keep hearing and reading, that a little goes a long way. We shall see…


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