I Did It!

Success! I was able to complete all the tasks I wanted to do yesterday/this morning. I worked in the yard for an hour. Sweeping, shoveling and pushing a very full wheelbarrow up a hill. I was defiantly sore after. As I was finishing up it started to sprinkle, so I had some perfect timing.

I even got myself, and my sister, to go for a walk this morning! 5:30 we were out of the house. It had rained the night before, so it was misty and the temperature was just under 40 degrees. It was perfect! It was also a great way to wake up.

I also stayed under my calorie count for the day. I ate well expect for the Dirty Shirley (Shirley Temple with Vodka) that I had with dinner. Even with that I was under my count!

I had written a longer post, but my computer did not save it and I do not have the time to finish before I have to go, so a shorter post it will be. You got to love technology right!


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