What to do..

So I was and am pumped about my day yesterday. It was so good and I was proud of myself. I ate all of my calorie count yesterday, I did not go over though. I always struggle with trying to keep under my calorie count, or just eating it all. My brain says that the less I eat the more weight I will lose, but I know that is not the case. But sometimes I still think that the less I eat the more I will lose. I read an article yesterday on Sparkpeople.com that said you should/need to eat all of your calories, because your body still needs them to function properly to lose the weight. If you starve your body than it becomes weak and your metabolism with slow down not allowing you to lose anything. So I ate all of my calories. I felt okay about it. I still felt like the less I ate that day the better it would be.

I have been feeling very down about my progress. It have been over a year since I have lost any substantial wight. The only think I have to show for my work so far is that I am now having a regular menstrual cycle, compared to when I basically was never having one. While this is a very big, good, healthy change in my life there has not been any other changes. So now I feel like I am fighting myself constantly. And feeling down just makes me want to eat more. So the evil cycle begins. One more thing I have to fight.

I did have my whole day planned out last night. It is the Friday before school vacation starts, so I knew that my students would be off the wall. Which is okay because I feel off the wall myself, everyone needs a vacation. I was going to get up early and go for another early walk, go to work, hit the gym after work, go to my friend’s house to help plan a bridal shower, have dinner there, probably some drinks, and then go home. Sounds great right. The only worry was what my friend was cooking for supper, Hot Dogs (yum though!). But if I planned my meals right it should be alright. If only life worked out the way I wanted it to.

I woke up at 5:30, as I was planning to do, went to the bathroom, started the coffee, and then looked outside. It was pouring! Like close to torrential downpouring! There was no way I was going for a walk. That and my walking buddy had not gotten up, because she did not think we were going for a walk. That was okay though I knew I was working later in the day so I was not worried. I got ready for work, packed a lunch, and packed my gym bag. I got to work, and now I am realizing that I never packed my sneakers. I left them at home, in my mudroom, the next town over. I am not going to the gym in knee-high boots. So I am going to go home and do things there. This causes another problem. I am not going to want to do anything when I get home…

But I am going to try either a walk or an online video. I may opt for the video so I will sweat more and my doctor specifically said that I need to work out for 45 mins that causes sweat for it to work with my PCOS. So that is what I will probably do, that and it is still rainy and gloomy outside.


2 thoughts on “What to do..”

    1. Hi thank you for the question. I was on vacation last week so I have not been on, so I am sorry for getting back to you so late. I use Sparkpeople.com and I imputed my height, weight, and weight loss goals. After that they gave me the range of 1,820-2,170 calories a day. I always aim for the lower number.

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