Vacation is Over.

Hello everyone! Back from vacation and feeling good.  I think I did okay during vacation, I tried to stay on track with my calorie intake and for the most part I stayed under everyday! I had weighed myself in the middle of the week and was down a few pounds! So I was super pumped!  I was able to go for a few walks on my days off that were actually nice… Which was not much. I rained on almost all of my days off! 😦 That is really disheartening to say the least. I am really ready to be outside! But on the few times that I did get out I went with some friends and they showed me a new walking path that is gorgeous! So I am excited to go again!

The only major down fall was a Bridal shower that I was at on Saturday night. I ate a lot of the fruit that was there, but also the dips, chips, and sandwiches. I also had a few drinks, probably more than I should have… But tis life right. I am not to discouraged about my choices, but that in itself makes me feel bad. I should not be content with not doing well for the sake of having “fun”.

So onto this week. Another new start. Another go at being a healthier me.

Lets see how it goes!14-pennant-clip-art-free-cliparts-that-you-can-download-to-you-melfqq-clipart


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