Frustration and Stress

So yesterday turned into a bad day. So I was stressed and got into a little verbal argument with my sister, so I went to the store and bought some Gummy Lifesavers and Swedish Fish and ate them all…. I know not the best choices. I did then do and hour of yard work and a 30 min bikini workout. ( I will never be in a bikini, but it was a good all over workout). I do not handle stress well at all. All I want to do is eat junk food and wrap up in a blanket on the couch. The weather also did no help yesterday.

The only really good thing that came out of yesterday was that I found out that I did not miss my important doctors appointment. I was sure that I had missed it and would have to pay a fee and reschedule, but I didn’t! It is actually in a few weeks, so I will have time to go get the blood tests I need. I am again disappointed that I have not lost any more weight since my last appointment, but at least I know that my hormones are on a more appropriate track and my body is doing what it is supposed to be. Finally.

I am feeling better today though. I think there was a combination of things that were working against me yesterday. I am more positive and ready to take on the challenges of  the life I want to lead. So onto bigger and better things.


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