Getting Better?

So Overall I had a great weekend. I stayed on track and got out and did some exercises. I am trying to make a more conscious effort to try to get some amount of exercise in every day. While it may not be the  exact time or excretion that my doctor wants, I am at least hoping the little is better than none. But I will find out next week when I have my appointment.

With all the rain that I have been having it is hard to find motivation to get up and going. I am also house sitting for someone, and I do not sleep well when I am out of my own bed. So on top of the crappy weather, I am also now low on sleep, or good sleep. Which of course makes me even more lethargic. Another stone to crawl over on my journey to becoming a healthier me. But I have recently gotten a new phone that comes with a built-in pedometer! So I find myself paying attention to that more. And I have a goal of walking about 2 miles a day and more would be better. But I also find that I do not always have my phone on my person that defeats the purpose. Almost makes me want to get a FitBit…. almost.


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