What a weekend and week!

So it has been a little while since I posted. It has been a very long week for me. It all started with the busiest day at work. I work ten hours straight with no break and ended up being in so much pain because of it. My feet were swollen for two days! But I made good money from it, which is nice. I felt like I was hung over the next day because of how sore and tired I was, but that did not stop me from working both jobs on Monday and Tuesday.  I am a sucker for pain I guess.

I finally had a day off on Wednesday. I had an appointment for my PCOS with my Endocrinologist out-of-town, so I took the day off, from both jobs even! It was my six month follow-up. And can I say it went so GOOD! My doctor was impressed with my progress. I had magically lost six pounds since my last appointment (I do not know when, my scale had not told me such at home). My hormone levels are becoming more even and my menstrual cycles have been regular. The only thing he said was he really wants me to get in more excercise. And if you have been following me and reading my previous blogs, you know that has been a struggle for me. But I am still going to try. I got a new bike, summer is coming, and the weather is finally getting nice. So I am hoping to get out more.

I think I am actually going to talk to my friends and sister to start hiking on our days off. Not big mountains or long trails, just smaller less than a day things. And maybe once school is out and I will not have to work earlier than 10 am I will finally be able to get in some morning exercises! Won’t that be exciting!

So I know that I had promised myself that if I lost 10 pounds I would get my hair done, but I am in a dilemma. On my scale it says I have lost like maybe two pounds, but at the doctors they said I lost six. At my last appointment my scale and the doctors scale was the same so I am more inclined to believe the doctors scale rather than mine. Which means that I can either get my hair done or by my movie when I lose four more pounds! YAHOO!

Oh and I think I am actually going to start posting a food diary, in the hopes that I will keep my honest and on track. I will probably start doing that on Monday of next week, as I am going out-of-town for my little sisters graduation this weekend. Party Time! So excited for her, and for her to get my gift! It won’t be in until next week, but I will be totally worth the wait.

Hope everyone has a wonderfully fantastic day!


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