Sick :(

So far this year I have only been sick once, but of course I had to get sick now of all times. I went home yesterday with a slight fever and an extremely sore throat. Which of course ruins all of my plans. I am singing in a concert next week and I need my voice for it! That and I was planning on going to the gym and doing house work yesterday. Well neither of those things happened at all and that made me feel crappy on a different level. Just another excuse not to be able to workout.

Of course I did not make it better by eating chinese food… My sister and her boyfriend ordered ¬†and since I was not feeling well and it is my favorite food, I gave in and ordered as well. Another failure. Another excuse. Another let down.

I did not ask myself how it would affect my body. I just wanted to make myself Feel Better! So I rested and did nothing at home or at the gym. I ate bad food. I watched a movie and played on my phone.

The only good thing that came from yesterday was that I drank over 13 glasses of water. It seemed to be the only thing that made my throat feel better. I had Luden’s that I was popping all day but they would only work when I was sucking on them. I did have some medicine before bed and feel a little better this morning. I have to work tonight so I will not be getting to the gym again today… So todays goal will be to eat as best as I can and still drink a lot of water.