May 31, Day 6



Berry smoothie


Reduced Fat Sweet Chili Doritos


whole wheat pasta with marinara sauce

bread stick


Chocolate ice ream


Hormel Chili with cheese


sweet pickles

Hershey kisses



May 30, Day five


Dunkin Donuts Veggie Egg white flat bread

Dunkin Donuts hash browns

2 cups of coffee


2 chocolate chip cookies

strawberry parfait


Whole wheat taco with salsa and sour cream


Double chocolate Ice Cream

oatmeal cookies


Pot Roast

Late night snack:

Tomato soup

garlic bread


So far this week I have had ups and downs. It started with my receiving an email from Torrid (the plus size clothing store). They are doing another Model Search! This is the third time they have given this opportunity to becoming a face of Torrid. In the past I have been told, by my mother of all people, that I should apply but I never felt that I was good enough. So this year when I received the email, I decided that I was going to apply. And I am so nervous about it. I am more nervous about actually getting into the top ten than not getting in at all. But we shall see. I will know in September if I actually got in!

Than there was yesterday… So first off at the school I work in, my students are taking a health class. And we are talking nutrition. Which is great! I want my students to know about how to eat well, and stay healthy. What I do not like is that I feel singled out by the teacher. It could be that I am just sensitive to the subject and think that everyone is trying to let me know I am fat and need to lose weight, or it could be that the teacher is judgemental and is trying to give me a hint. Either way I am not comfortable in class. So uncomfortable that I felt that I needed to comfort myself with … you guessed it Food! I ate MacDonald’s yesterday 😦 And I really enjoyed it but then the guilt set in like usual. That and I ate Ice Cream, chocolate and an open bag of Veggie Straws. I did go on the first bike ride I have been on in years that I did not hate every minute of it. I actually cannot wait to go again!

So It has been an up and down week so far, and I am going to try to do better the rest of the week. Which I hope I can do, especially since I am chaperoning a trip to Six Flags on Friday with the chorus from my school. I am very excited to go, but nervous about how I am going to eat on that day. But we shall see…


Hope you all have a fantastic day!

May 23, Day two


Two pieces of whole wheat toast with cream cheese and raspberry Jam


1 banana

1 serving of Veggie Straws


1 slice of meat lovers pizza

Afternoon snack:

1 vanilla soft serve cone with rainbow sprinkles

Open bag of Veggie Straws (again I ate more than a serving size)


1 MacDonalds Quarter Pounder

1 Medium MacDonalds Fry

Half a medium Dr.Pepper

Late Night Snack:

a handful of Hershey Kisses

a salad with salami, feta cheese and Italian dressing (I know a meal not a snack)

May 22, Day 1 food log

So this will be my first Food log.  I am going to be as honest as I can with it, even though sometimes it will hurt.


5 whole wheat french toast sticks with maple syrup

1 6oz strawberry parfait with granola




1 hamburger with cheese, mustard, ketchup, and relish

5 potato wedges


1 spoonful of Chocolate Caramel Meltaway Ice Cream

1 Spoonful of Half and Half soft serve Ice Cream

7 Hershy’s Chocolate Kisses

Late Night Snack;

Sat down in front of the TV with a bag of Veggie Straws and did not keep track of how many I ate at all….. 😦