New View on Life

So I had quite the experience last night. For two reasons, one good and one bad. I will lead in with the good. For those of you that did not know, or who are not religious, this week is Holy Week. It is the week Christians remember what Jesus did for us. At my church last night I was able to participate in what is called a Tenebrae service, remembering the sorrow that He went through for us. I was part of the acapella choir, with a solo, and it was one of the most peaceful and moving experiences I have ever been a part of.

Now onto the bad. I was almost in a very bad accident. It was about 8:30 at night, and I was going to pick up my dogs from my parents, after I left church. The car had crossed over into my lane and did not move back over. My immediate thought was that the driver had passed out, or was inebriated in some way. So I swerved to the side and laid on my horn. The car missed me, but just barely. It hit the car behind me at full speed, but only side swiping it. No one was hurt, but I still cannot believe that me or my car got away without a scratch. I know that my Guardian Angel was watching over me last night!

Even though I was not hit, I stayed until the police arrived. I was a witness and wanted to make sure that everyone was alright and the police did not need anything from me. They took my information and then said I was alright to go. When I got to my parents, my adrenaline wore off, and I went into shock a little. My parents feed me, my blood sugar was low due to not eating since lunch, and were ready to drive me home, but I assured them I was alright. And I was, once I calmed down. I did have a glass of wine when I got home though. That really helped me to relax and then sleep great.

So today, the world had a bit of a different view. I did not have the life flash before my eyes, but I do think that some of the things that have been worrying me lately are not as worrisome as I thought they were. I am young, relatively healthy, working on being healthier. I have a job, two actually. I have a family that loves me and cares for me. I have friends, who are always there for me. And I can do anything I want if I just put my mind to it. So here is to a new start, and not stressing about the little things and realizing that there is a higher plan for me.

(P.S. I even splurged this morning and bought my students Munchkins at Dunkin Donuts. I normally don’t do that unless it is a special occasion, but I just felt like it today, and I felt good to just do something because. They loved it and they did not last more than one block and I even had a few. This may be another new goal, randomly doing nice things!)

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